About Us

  • GNUnify the annual technical fest of SICSR stands with a perspective to promote Free/Open source software and unite open minds. It is one of the biggest open source software conferences that happen in Pune and worldwide.
  • GNUnify has witnessed many eminent personalities from the world of Open Source. It has several workshops, talks, community meetups, hackathons, seminars completely on open-source
  • GNUnify invites people passionate about technologies and enthusiasts from all over and provides a platform to connect, learn and develop various skills about the open/free source platform.
  • GNUnify an event which highlights its fundamental aspects on grounds of how open source software provides diverse opportunities and perspectives within one source code. Being a developer in this modern developing society plays a crucial role. These roles work well in accordance as well as are broaden to understanding through the annual meet, GNUnify!



WHY GNUnify ?

  • We conduct various interesting interactive activities where many people can get involved and learn.
  • In the tech talks/seminars held by us one can interact with many eminent personalities from Open source society.
  • Help you not just learn about GNU/LINUX but guide you in implementation of the same.
  • Host workshops that boost and clarify your approach towards the learning opportunities in Open Source world.