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Purushotam (PK) is an Acquia Certified Grand Master and Open Source Developer at Acquia with expertise in Drupal having 3+ yrs of extensive experience in the field. He aims for an improved Digital Experience for Drupal users. Generally involved in Performance and Security audits of the projects to deliver the best out of Drupal. Active Drupal Contributor with 264 commits and maintainer of 20+ modules and themes on Drupal.org. He was also Listed in top Drupal individual contributors for the past year in Drupal Con Nashville 2018. Prior to joining Acquia, Purushotam worked with a startup, QED42 Engineering Private Limited as Drupal Developer for 3+ yrs.

Speaker's Talks

Using React JS with Drupal


API-first, or “decoupled”, architecture is quickly becoming the most popular way to create world-class digital experiences.  The pattern gives developers the flexibility. The flexibility to rapidly innovate and that do not require re-creating the entire CMS for new features.  

React, a library for creating beautiful user experiences, and

Drupal, an API-first content management system, make a great match.