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Savvy Jain

She is savvy, at most things. She has been working in data science for 18 months now and has a few apprentices trained by her. She has worked on Recommendation Engines for retail industry at Mindstix, came back to home city, Indore and has been working on different data science use cases like recommendation and prediction on time series data, telecom tickets resolutions, structuring the unstructured data, like data from PDF etc. Stationary and art for her are the things that make many hours feel like minutes also known as hobbies. She'll be talking about Steps in predictive modelling procedure in the conference and how to standardise that pipeline.

Speaker's Talks

Predictive Modelling Pipeline

Session will help Data Scientists / attendees choosing the right kind of processes for their use-case. 

Generally is it a major task to identify which features to choose, which model to train, which algorithm produces maximum values in terms of numbers (precision / recall) etc. This session will cover a brief overview of the Predictive modeling processes in the industry and when not to choose what, etc., to get a head-start in your Data Science journey.