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Automating Hybrid Cloud Management

Hybrid cloud requires effective automation and management capabilities, capabilites that provide complete visbility of multiple Public and Private clouds through a single pane of 

glass view. Complete toolsets for management and cost tracking and importantly a 

automation framework that allows creating customized end-to-end automation workflows. 


The ManageIQ project provides all these capabilities, it is an open source CMP (Cloud Management Platform) software that can run on any platform to manage and automate hybird cloud environments.



Building a highly scalable orchestration platform with open source technology

Like all modern enterprise operations, Red Hat Customer Experience and Engagement runs on information. The processes supporting our customers and products, receive three million updates per day, and the volume is always growing. To meet the challenge of scaling these efforts and serving the customers, partners and associates, we turned to open source Red Hat middleware: JBoss Fuse, AMQ, Decision Manager and JBoss Data Grid.


Hands-on Security

Securing our online persona is as important as securing ourself. This session dives deep into how we can secure our data online.

Keeping a check on what we share online, who it belongs to and more.

The session also touches on how to create stronger passwords through a few exercises.

Join in if you would like to learn some tips and tricks to keep yourself safe on the web.

State of WebXR: What do you need to know today for building Web Mixed Reality Applications

The virtual world is cluttered. No other way to put it. We have VR, AR, MR, XR and more technologies and jargons than ever before. But what does it all mean for a developer? How are they relevant? Do we need to go back to learning new technologies to build on each platform, or we  keep on iterating on new technologies till industry and users fix their mind on one. And why now?
    In this session we will try to answer three question.
        a. Where all this VR,AR,MR,XR are different, or are they?
        b. Why now?

Into the Ethereum Blockchain

The blockchain borrows from concepts of distributed systems, networking, cyber security and databases. Its features are already changing the way various sectors ranging from financial institutions to e-governance systems handle their digital processes. This talk starts with an introduction to the blockchain and then moves on to cover the basic building blocks of a popular blockchain platform, Ethereum, and its subsequent real-life use cases, followed by two exercises:

Building an i18n enabled Web App from scratch using Vue JS

This is a walkthrough session which would take the attendees through the process of bootstrapping a Vue JS web app with i18n support from the ground up.

I would be talking about the Vue CLI and the Vue UI Dashboard as well as task management through the dashboard along with locale management for the built up app.

The focus of this session would be to highlight how easy it is to implement and manage locales on web apps using Vue JS.

A basic - intermediate level of JavaScript knowledge is recommended for attendees for this session.


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