Minishift Workshop

Minishift provides an easy on-ramp for building containerized applications and microservices by simplifying the configuration and setup of OpenShift on developer workstations. It is easy to integrate into existing development workflows so that developers can simply focus on application development. Application developers can use it seamlessly on Microsoft Windows, macOS, or Linux.

NOTE: This workshop is limited to 35 attendees.

Session Topics:

- Understanding Containers, isolatiotion in Containers,

- Start the containers using docker images


Learning to bake my first Android Pie

Abstract :

The goal of this session is to get you started with Android Mobile Development and build your first mobile application. We are going to cover the following :

1. Introduction to Android and Android Studio

2. Introduction to the basic building blocks of Android : Activities, Views, Layouts, Toasts and Intents. 

3. Making our Android Views listen to us and act accordingly. Wait, In Android all views can listen to us? Absolutely!

4. Creating some super cool UI and playing around with gradients in Android!


How Artificial Neural Networks View the World

 A beginner level Deep Learning Workshop (focused on it's Computer Vision applications) equipped with the following



1. Understanding Deep Learning and it's importance in today’s age

2. Building your own Neural Network to classify images

3. Comparing two Neural Networks and understanding why one performs better than the other

4. Getting to know about a few state-of-the-art Neural Networks

5. Getting to know about Deep Learning's applications in Data Science (Deep Learning saw the majority of the public discourse in 2018)


Going cross platform with Flutter 1.0

Learn about the framework taking the mobile development world by storm: Flutter. With 1.0 recently launched, there's no better time to learn this framework to create apps for Android, iOS and more! 


In this workshop, you'll learn: 


1) How Flutter takes mobile development to the next level 

2) Dart: A powerful new language for mobile development

3) The basics of Flutter and creating your first cross platform mobile application


Python the saviour


Learn how Python can save your time by automating boring daily tasks

Talk deals with the depth of Operating System by writing your own commands, learning more about how Operating System commands can be written in Python.

This is for the enthusiasts of Python who are starting or are at an intermediate level and want to explore the magic of Python.

What you will learn


Drupal 8 in a Day

Get a solid introduction to Drupal 8 in a day. Learn about the essential features and concepts of Drupal through hands-on activities. By the end of this day, you become familiar with Drupal terminology and be able to know how to create Drupal sites. You get to know how to identify and choose modules to get the functionality you need.

The day fragmented into the following sessions,

  • Introduction to CMS and Drupal
  • Build a basic site in Drupal with an hour
  • Extend your Drupal site
  • Beautify your Drupal site



IoT via ESP8266

Arduino has been most popular microcontroller platfrom for programmers. There has been new addition of wifi based dirt cheap ESP8266. It provides quick and easy way to create IoT applications.
Sample IoT application will be created on the spot using ESP8266. You will be able to control LED attached to ESP8266 via your phone. Few sets of ESP8266 and required components will be arranged for attendees. If you have this board, you can bring them and work on them. Bring laptop if you want to do programming on your laptop.

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