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Learning to bake my first Android Pie

Abstract :

The goal of this session is to get you started with Android Mobile Development and build your first mobile application. We are going to cover the following :

1. Introduction to Android and Android Studio

2. Introduction to the basic building blocks of Android : Activities, Views, Layouts, Toasts and Intents. 

3. Making our Android Views listen to us and act accordingly. Wait, In Android all views can listen to us? Absolutely!

4. Creating some super cool UI and playing around with gradients in Android!


Going cross platform with Flutter 1.0

Learn about the framework taking the mobile development world by storm: Flutter. With 1.0 recently launched, there's no better time to learn this framework to create apps for Android, iOS and more! 


In this workshop, you'll learn: 


1) How Flutter takes mobile development to the next level 

2) Dart: A powerful new language for mobile development

3) The basics of Flutter and creating your first cross platform mobile application


Designing Android Custom View using Kotlin

I will be delivering a talk on Designing Custom View in Kotlin and how you can export it as your open source library for other developers  to use as well. Custom Views are specifically design views which are not directly present as design elements in Android Native Design. I will cover,

1.  What is the need of CustomView?

2. How You can you start with it?

3. Points to take care of.

4. How to export it as open source library for other developers  

and OH YES! I will be explaining  how to use Koltin for new developers as well

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