Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Neural Networks View the World

 A beginner level Deep Learning Workshop (focused on it's Computer Vision applications) equipped with the following



1. Understanding Deep Learning and it's importance in today’s age

2. Building your own Neural Network to classify images

3. Comparing two Neural Networks and understanding why one performs better than the other

4. Getting to know about a few state-of-the-art Neural Networks

5. Getting to know about Deep Learning's applications in Data Science (Deep Learning saw the majority of the public discourse in 2018)


Predictive Modelling Pipeline

Session will help Data Scientists / attendees choosing the right kind of processes for their use-case. 

Generally is it a major task to identify which features to choose, which model to train, which algorithm produces maximum values in terms of numbers (precision / recall) etc. This session will cover a brief overview of the Predictive modeling processes in the industry and when not to choose what, etc., to get a head-start in your Data Science journey.

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